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Medium-sized Enterprises

Explore our wide range of services for better value delivery, optimised costs, and a business-aligned IT team.

Our expert team can design, implement and improve your IT Governance, ITSM and SDLC processes. In addition, we provide Cloud Consulting and Technology Consulting services. We also offer Software Development and Project Management Services to support your IT initiatives.

DoganTech’s experienced team will help you both during and after the implementation of any technology upon request. Let us turn your IT strategy into a roadmap; your roadmap into a project.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - Cloud Consulting

Cloud Consulting

Migration to cloud platforms has many advantages, including hosting cost decrease, scalability increase, easier disaster recovery and higher security. During a cloud migration project, choosing the right cloud service provider, having a correct migration strategy & roadmap, migrating accurately and continuously optimising the cloud are crucial.

We help you choose the right-fit cloud technologies and strategies. Using various cloud strategies such as lift-and-shift, replatform and refactor, we help you during and after the cloud strategy selection and cloud migration processes. We guide you to transform your legacy services into Cloud-Native Applications to benefit from technologies such as Serverless and PaaS to increase your efficiency. Book a call with our experts to get started with your Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cloud migration projects.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - Front-End Software Development New

Front-End Software Development

Programming Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Less

Frameworks: React.js, AngularJS, Vue.js, Next.js, Gatsby

Technologies: PWA, Redux, Responsive Design, Webpack, Babel

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - Back-End Software Development New

Back-End Software Development

Programming Languages: Java, Node.js, Spring, TypeScript, JavaScript

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, AWS DynamoDB, Google Firestore, Redis

Frameworks & Technologies: AWS Lambda, Google Firebase, ORM, GraphQL, REST, AWS Amplify

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - IT Project Portfolio Management Service

IT Project Portfolio Management

Selecting correct projects for your portfolio and monitoring them is a critical stage in digitalising your business operations.

A well-designed IT Project Portfolio Management process enables you to choose high value-adding projects aligned with your business strategies. In addition, a project portfolio keeps track of project KPIs such as schedule, cost, risks and ROI.

The service provided by the DoganTech experts includes process design, implementation and support in addition to PPM tool implementation and dashboard & presentation preparation.

Let’s work together to get the best outcome from your project portfolio.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - IT Project Management

IT Project Management

IT Project Management is the overall planning, scheduling, executing, monitoring and reporting of IT projects and their phases. These projects might include Software Development, Cloud Migration and building an IT Infrastructure. In addition to the variables that affect the success of a project, such factors as hardware, software, network infrastructure and data also affect the outcomes of an IT project. Therefore, choosing the right-fit framework & tools and correctly implementing them is critical for IT Projects.

Our tailored IT Project Management service acts as a bridge between business requirements and IT solutions, aiming to help complete projects on time and within budget. Our team of IT experts lead the technical aspects of your project. At the same time, our PMP and PSM certified project managers outline a game plan that will help your business to gain a competitive edge.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - IT Governance Process Design and Implementation New

IT Governance Process Design & Implementation

IT organisations need to be aligned with business strategies and collaborate with business units to get the best outcomes. They need to focus on increasing IT maturity to generate more value for the business. Improving IT management, making value-added IT investments, sustaining compliance to standards & regulations and monitoring risks are all achievable outcomes with well-designed IT Governance processes and result in enhanced IT maturity.

We know that every IT organisation is unique. It is not easy to implement governance; however, our experienced GRC team can tailor IT governance processes for your IT team and work with you through the implementation stage.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - IT Governance Support New

IT Governance Support

Maintaining a well-designed IT Governance structure requires well-designed operations and continuous improvement practices to get the best outcome. These practices include periodic reporting, preparing dashboards & presentations, monitoring risks and collaborating via committees and initiatives.

Our IT Governance Support Service will increase your consistency with well-designed IT Governance Processes while providing continuous improvement opportunities.

Our expert IT GRC professionals are ready to collaborate with your IT team and improve your IT maturity.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - IT Service Management Design and Implementation

IT Service Management Design & Implementation

Well-structured IT Service Management (ITSM) processes enable IT teams to provide high-quality IT services within an organisation. Well-defined ITSM processes and the know-how they create are highly beneficial to any business. The advantages of implementing ITSM processes include: increases in service delivery consistency and helpdesk team efficiency, structured & faster decision-making, compliance to standards & regulations, in addition to the availability of self-service options and higher manageability of risks due to software and system changes.

At DoganTech, we design and implement ITSM processes such as Service Level Management, Change Management, Incident Management, Request Fulfilment, Problem Management, Asset Management, and Availability Management. Our ITIL certified team provides templates, helps you structure your boards, and boosts your adaptation during the implementation phase.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - ITSM Tool Implementation

ITSM Automation

IT Service Management (ITSM) Automation is a great way to support ITSM processes and improve internal & external customer services. Some benefits of ITSM Automation are: easy ticketing, structured workflows, improved customer experience, efficient service desk, fewer repetitive tasks, analytics & reporting features, productivity measure, escalation capabilities, getting feedback and storing know-how.

Some of the ITSM software tools our ITSM Automation Service supports are: Freshservice, Jira Service Management, and Zendesk Service Desk Management System. Using these systems, you can automate ITSM processes such as incident management, change management, request fulfilment, IT asset management and SLA management.

Book a call with DoganTech’s experts to implement ITSM Automation in your IT organisation.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - IT Project Coordination and Administration Service

IT Project Coordination / Administration Service

IT Project Coordination/Administration Services support Project Managers to coordinate and complete IT projects by enabling team engagement while keeping a project within budget and timeline.

This service, provided by DoganTech’s PMP and PSM certified project managers, ensures that your IT projects run smoothly and efficiently.

Our IT Project Coordinators monitor the schedule, budget and risks while playing a pivotal role across different teams. Our experts combine technical and managerial skills for effective project implementation, ensuring that goals are met on time and within budget when the project is completed. In addition, your business will be enriched by periodic reporting and the maintenance of healthy relationships and communication within your team.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - DevOps


CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery & Continuous Deployment) approach optimises and quickly releases software development & operations.

At DoganTech, we help set up CI/CD and develop IaaC (Infrastructure as a Code). Our team is experienced in Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, Terraform, CDK, Serverless and SAM and can help you with Amazon, Google and Microsoft Azure platforms.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - Agile Software Development

Agile Software Development

Agile development expedites business value delivery by its nature of continuous planning, feedback and delivery. This continuity assures that added value will be increased during the development process.

We implement the Agile Software Development mindset including pair programming, test-driven development, stand-ups and sprints into your team and business. In addition, we help adaptation of your team to the frameworks & technologies we implement, creating self-organising teams to increase team ownership and accountability.

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