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We are a London-based IT Consulting & Service company.

We provide customised solutions to the unique needs of Startups, small businesses and medium-sized enterprises.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - Transform Your Business

Our Services

Explore the broad range of IT services offered by DoganTech’s experts, which can be combined and tailored according to your business needs.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Customised IT Consulting services according to the specific needs of your business. IT consultancy, design, implementation, and support services are provided for technology and governance needs.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - IT Project and Product Management

IT Project & Product Management

Valuable, accessible, and easy-to-use IT products aligned with your business objectives. With our services, your projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to high quality. 

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - Software Development

Software Development

High quality, secure and rapidly-delivered software development services. Our services include but are not limited to: MVPs, software products and front-end & back-end software development.

Our Solutions

We know that one size doesn’t always fit all. We have different sets of services for businesses varying in size, industry, and objectives. Explore our solutions and find those that will work best for your business’s dynamics. All our services can be combined and customised according to your needs.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - IT Solutions for Startups


Have a great idea for your new Startup, but need an extra hand to build a working product to validate it?

Let’s work on your product, run your project and develop your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) together. Get answers to all your questions about technology and product & project management from our team, who are experts in working with Startups and delivering the best value.

Small Businesses

Ready to transform and grow your business?

Commercial software requires workarounds, manual work, increasing license fees, and very often the software will be a less-than-perfect fit for your business. Let’s build your custom software solutions together and ensure profitable, consistent and high-quality services while enhancing your internal coordination.

We know that changing the way you work and making technology investment decisions can be challenging. Our expert business growth consulting team is here to support you.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - IT Solutions for Small Businesses
DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - IT Solutions for Medium-sized Enterprises

Medium-sized Enterprises

Explore our wide range of services for better value delivery, optimised costs, and a business-aligned IT team.

Our expert team can design, implement and improve your IT Governance, ITSM and SDLC processes. In addition, we provide Cloud Consulting and Technology Consulting services. We also offer Software Development and Project Management Services to support your IT initiatives.

DoganTech’s experienced team will help you both during and after the implementation of any technology upon request. Let us turn your IT strategy into a roadmap; your roadmap into a project.