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Software Development Project for SMBs

As a Software Development Agency, DoganTech offers an exceptional all-in-one software development project package. This is one of our most popular packages, through which our clients benefit from our range of high-quality services in a single customised package. 

Our offer is carefully designed for SMBs ready to initiate, grow and transform their businesses. 

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, read on and learn more about DoganTech’s Software Development Project Package! 

Perfect Fit for Startup Executives

Perfect fit for Business owners:

  • Ready to outsource their IT needs and focus on their core businesses 


  • With limited or no experience in launching a new business, running an IT Project or developing an IT Product


  • Wanting to work with a team experienced in product development


  • Requiring 24/7 IT support

How Do We Work?

We build a custom package for each client according to their unique needs.

Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in! 

DoganTech Software Development Project Analyse Icon

1. Analyse

Before we start running your IT Project, our expert team will:

  • Analyse your business in detail


  • Determine the key requirements and specific needs of your business together with you


  • Determine the technologies and processes according to your business needs and design customised solutions for your business


  • Define the project scope and build a project plan using best practices of Project Management


DoganTech Software Development Project Develop Icon


Our development lifecycle includes:

  • Developing your product and managing your project

  • Performing periodic demos to collect feedback according to Agile Project Management methods

  • Performing continuous tests on the developed product

  • Launching your product shaped according to your feedback

  • Onboarding and training your team

  • Building the cloud computing infrastructure

DoganTech Software Development Project Launch and Maintain Icon

Launch & Maintain

After your product launches, we provide:

  • Maintenance services, including bug fixes and hosting

  • 24/7 support from our team

  • Continuous improvements and development of new features while you make the most of your product


What is a Plus for You

How will you benefit?

  • You will always have a single point of contact to ask your questions.

  • You will continuously receive demos and progress briefs – we are completely transparent!

  • With our flexible and customisable packages, your product will be developed and maintained at the pace you want.

  • You will have the chance to work with a team that can share their IT experiences and support your IT needs.

Loved by Our Clients

This service is loved by our clients, and is also our favourite!

We have delivered many successful software projects to our clients with this package. You can be the next!

We look forward to being your long-term IT Partner.

Explore More

Explore More

At DoganTech, we have a variety of services. Let us assist you by combining them in this package.

Our expert team can help you choose from the services included in this package, including but not limited to: 

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IT Project & Product Management​

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Software Development​

High quality, secure and rapidly-delivered software development services. Our services include but are not limited to: MVPs, software products and front-end & back-end software development.

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IT Consulting​

Customised IT Consulting services according to the specific needs of your business. IT consultancy, design, implementation, and support services are provided for technology and governance needs.

Why Choose DoganTech

Long Term Client-Focused Partnership
Cost Optimised
End-to-end Custom Solutions
A Broad Range of Products and Services
Experienced Team

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