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Technology Consulting Finding Hiring Skilled Tech Talent

Finding & Hiring Skilled Tech Talent

How to hire a CTO?

Should we hire in-house or outsource tech?

Technology Consulting Budget Constraints for Tech Investments

Budget Constraints for Tech Investments

How much should our tech budget be?

Technology Consulting Choosing the Right Technology Stack

Choosing the Right Technology Stack

Can we integrate existing tools/software?

Technology Consulting Cybersecurity Data Protection Concerns

Cybersecurity & Data Protection Concerns

What cybersecurity measures are essential? How do we ensure data backup and recovery?

Technology Consulting Scaling Infrastructure Resources

Scaling Infrastructure & Resources

How scalable is the proposed solution?

Technology Consulting Staying Up to Date with Tech Trends

Staying Up-to-Date with Tech Trends

How can we tap into cutting-edge tech insights through partnerships?

Technology Consulting Managing Software Development Projects

Managing Software Development Projects

How can we automate repetitive tasks?

Technology Consulting Selecting Reliable Tech Vendors Partners

Selecting Reliable Tech Vendors & Partners

What's the best way to manage tech vendors?

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For Startup Founders

  • Expertise on tech solutions

  • Cost-effective strategy guidance

  • Scalability for growth

  • Avoid tech pitfalls early

  • Drive innovation faster

For Small Businesses

  • Navigates digital transformation

  • Tackles IT challenges

  • Enhances operational efficiency

  • Offers tailored tech advice

  • Boosts competitive advantage

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Ozgur Dogan DoganTech CTO

Ozgur, CTO of DoganTech

-15+ years of experience in software development.

-Innovator, tech pro, track record success.

-Founder/CTO of successful startups.

-Expert in tech strategy and implementation.

-Skilled in talent acquisition and mentorship.

-Proficient in multiple programming languages.

-Experienced in product development and team management.

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