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IT Project & Product Management

Valuable, accessible, and easy-to-use IT products aligned with your business objectives. With our services, your projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to high quality.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - IT Project Management

IT Project Management

IT Project Management is the overall planning, scheduling, executing, monitoring and reporting of IT projects and their phases. These projects might include Software Development, Cloud Migration and building an IT Infrastructure. In addition to the variables that affect the success of a project, such factors as hardware, software, network infrastructure and data also affect the outcomes of an IT project. Therefore, choosing the right-fit framework & tools and correctly implementing them is critical for IT Projects.

Our tailored IT Project Management service acts as a bridge between business requirements and IT solutions, aiming to help complete projects on time and within budget. Our team of IT experts lead the technical aspects of your project. At the same time, our PMP and PSM certified project managers outline a game plan that will help your business to gain a competitive edge.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - Product Management

Product Management

Product Management is the application of guiding every step of a product’s lifecycle, including construction, implementation, and management. It is a cross-functional discipline at the intersection of technology, UX and business. Thanks to Product Management best practices, product teams present better-designed and higher-performing products. Product Management is used to draw a roadmap to create a product, build a product with a vision and turn it into a business success.

The Product Management service provided by DoganTech has a broad scope. Our experts can understand your needs & requirements, analyse & monitor the market, define a vision & strategy for the product, prioritise the product features and manage risks. Let our team conduct the lifecycle of your product aligned with your business needs.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management helps to create fast, adaptable, and high-quality products & solutions. Our iterative and incremental approach enables flexibility on products’ features while maintaining better predictability on costs, schedules and resources.

Agile mindset cares about individuals and interactions while enhancing customer collaboration. The increased transparency and iterative approach harmonised with collaboration results in the best outcomes.

Our expert team of project managers can help you integrate the Agile values and principles into your team and work.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - Scrum


Scrum is an iterative approach, generating a functioning product at the end of each sprint/cycle by an empowered and self-sufficient team. Scrum enables your business to develop high-quality products, collaborative teams, enhanced client relationships, increased productivity and rapid reaction to changing demands.

Our PSM certified scrum masters and expert software developers would love to help you implement Scrum into your way of working.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - Kanban


Kanban is a framework used to implement Agile and DevOps software development based on continuous flow and delivery. The visually represented Kanban boards allow team members to see the stage of work at any time, resulting in fewer bottlenecks, shortened time cycles and faster outputs. Kanban also offers additional advantages such as transparency, planning flexibility and clear focus.

Improve your business’s efficiency with the help of our experienced DevOps engineers and project managers.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - Project Management Tool Implementation

Project Management Automation

Project Management Tools (such as Jira, Asana, ClickUp, Wrike,, Microsoft Project) allow teams to become more organised and more in control of their project tasks while improving communication, collaboration and transparency.

The scale, domain and size of the team and project are elements to be considered during tool selection in addition to license costs, ease of use and maintenance.

We can help you choose a right-fit solution for your business and then implement these tools. Where applicable, we also integrate software development with project management tools, allowing software development teams to use these platforms with maximum efficiency.

Let’s work together to harness the power of these tools and to boost your projects’ efficiency.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - IT Project Portfolio Management Service

IT Project Portfolio Management

Selecting correct projects for your portfolio and monitoring them is a critical stage in digitalising your business operations.

A well-designed IT Project Portfolio Management process enables you to choose high value-adding projects aligned with your business strategies. In addition, a project portfolio keeps track of project KPIs such as schedule, cost, risks and ROI.

The service provided by the DoganTech experts includes process design, implementation and support in addition to PPM tool implementation and dashboard & presentation preparation.

Let’s work together to get the best outcome from your project portfolio.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - IT Project Coordination and Administration Service

IT Project Coordination / Administration Service

IT Project Coordination/Administration Services support Project Managers to coordinate and complete IT projects by enabling team engagement while keeping a project within budget and timeline.

This service, provided by DoganTech’s PMP and PSM certified project managers, ensures that your IT projects run smoothly and efficiently.

Our IT Project Coordinators monitor the schedule, budget and risks while playing a pivotal role across different teams. Our experts combine technical and managerial skills for effective project implementation, ensuring that goals are met on time and within budget when the project is completed. In addition, your business will be enriched by periodic reporting and the maintenance of healthy relationships and communication within your team.

DoganTech IT Consulting and Services Company - Waterfall

Waterfall Project Management

“Waterfall” is an approach used in Project Management, best known for having a simple and linear format. This method follows a straightforward planning pattern, mapping out the entire process from start to finish, making it easy to track and understand for all stakeholders. Regardless of the project’s scope, Waterfall is most applicable when the customer’s requirements are clear, well understood and are not prone to change. In addition, Waterfall is suitable for projects when the customer wants to be consulted initially and receive a working product at the end, with minimal involvement.

Our PMP-certified and experienced expert team can help you manage your IT project specified for your business needs.

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