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CRM System Development Service

Customer Relationship Management is the process of centralising all customer interactions and operations and enhancing customer service quality. Businesses use CRM systems to collect, store, and analyse data on all interactions with customers across a variety of channels. This way organisations strengthen customer connections, increase operational efficiency and boost sales. At DoganTech, we work closely with each client to develop a bespoke Customer Relationship Management system, tailored to their unique business needs.

Why a Custom CRM Platform Improves Your Business?

Off-the shelf CRM systems have many limitations, unexpected costs, hard/costly to integrate with other systems and processes. By a custom developed CRM, you have the full control on how your CRM works.

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Custom CRM has flexibility on how you would like to run your business and keep & use your data. It has the ability to support business processes and automations in a single platform.

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Easy to use

The custom CRM helps to keep the product simple by only using the necessary features and fields.

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Product is yours

Your product, your source-code, your data, your business is yours. A Custom CRM is a company asset and increases your overall company value.

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No vendor lock-in

Your CRM is not relying on another business’ or an off-the-shelf products. A custom CRM helps to avoid vendor lock-in.

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When the business grows, your maintenance costs stays stable. No extra license fees while your team or customer base grows. This means: No per seat, no per month or no add-in fees.

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Enhance Customer Experience

When combined with Customer Portal, the customer engagement is enhanced and it is easily managed by using only one fully-integrated system.

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Custom Detailed Reports

The gathered data in the CRM system can be used for reporting and analysis to get insights for the business strategy. All the different kinds of reports and insights can be generated with the available data without any limits.

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Easy to integrate

The custom CRM can be integrated with any platform you need which enriches the data, helps managing and decision making in a single platform.

How Do We Work?

Our model is an all-in-one solution covering all the requirements needed for a software development project to become successful.

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The all-in-one approach enables the product developed successfully and fast. Our clients have the flexibility to add or remove services in their project package which gives them full control on the cost and benefit.

Perfect Fit for Startup Executives

Perfect fit for Business Owners:

  • Ready to outsource their IT needs and focus on their core businesses

  • With limited or no experience in launching a new business, running an IT Project or developing an IT Product

  • Wanting to work with a team experienced in product development

  • Requiring 24/7 IT support

What is a Plus for You

How Will You Benefit?

  • You will always have a single point of contact to ask your questions.

  • You will continuously receive demos and progress briefs – we are completely transparent!

  • With our flexible and customisable packages, your product will be developed and maintained at the pace you want.

  • You will have the chance to work with a team that can share their IT experiences and support your IT needs.

Case Study

How a Custom CRM & Customer Portal Scaled Our Client’s Startup?

When we first met with our client, our client had great network of clients & suppliers, a great team and a valid business. The only thing missing was their core product. With a custom build CRM product enhanced by Customer Portal, Business Process Automation, Reports & Dashboards, Automatic Messaging and Payment processes our client’s business accelerated dramatically.

The business results:

More than 50% efficiency on daily operations.

Boosted Growth! 3X growth with the same headcount.

Ability to quickly access to each client and the details of services provided.

Standardised process which increases customer experience.

Full visibility on the workload, revenue, profits and team performance.

Higher scalability by the automated processes and messaging.

Our client today, running a successful and scalable business with great opportunities ahead. Your business can be next!

Explore More

Explore More

At DoganTech, we have a variety of services. Let us assist you by combining them in this package.

Our expert team can help you choose from the services included in this package, including but not limited to: 

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IT Project & Product Management​

Valuable, accessible, and easy-to-use IT products aligned with your business objectives. With our services, your projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to high quality. 

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Software Development​

High quality, secure and rapidly-delivered software development services. Our services include but are not limited to: MVPs, software products and front-end & back-end software development.

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IT Consulting​

Customised IT Consulting services according to the specific needs of your business. IT consultancy, design, implementation, and support services are provided for technology and governance needs.

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