Minimum Viable Product – Benefits and Tips

Minimum Viable Product Development DoganTech

What is Minimum Viable Product?

MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, is a product with must-have features used to validate the solution of a pre-determined problem with early-adopter customers. It allows the continuation of the development process according to feedback. 

5 Benefits of MVP

  1. Allows early user testing & market validation

  2. Supports the Product Pitch

  3. Decreases development cost

  4. Reduces room for errors & reworks

  5. Progress with low risk

Build a Successful MVP

Here are DoganTech’s tips on what to do & what not to do while building your Minimum Viable Product. By following these tips, you can build a stronger MVP and accelerate your Startup.


  1. Be sure that there is a problem to solve

  2. Focus on trying to solve one particular problem

  3. Profile your potential users

  4. Develop the fundamental features

  5. Frequently run tests and get feedback from the target market

  6. Be open-minded when pivoting


  1. Ignore the Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop

  2. Consider your MVP as the final or beta product

  3. Try to perfect the MVP by addressing all the edge cases

  4. Decrease quality to include more features

  5. Use dummy data in the app

  6. Ignore the possibility of failure

How Do We Help?

As DoganTech, we provide MVP Development as a service. Our experts have a lot of experience working with startups and can develop a fast and functioning MVP for your business.

We develop a simpler version of your idea, including the must-have features, and help you validate it.

Our senior software developers, project managers and product managers will guide you during every stage of your MVP development.

Ready to Take Action?

Have you started a new startup? Have a good idea? We would love to accompany you on your MVP journey. Contact us now to book a free call.

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