Useful Tools – Asana


What is Asana?

Asana is a widely-known project & work management tool that helps businesses plan and monitor their work.

With its intuitive interface, Asana is easy to learn and use which makes it one of the most popular work management tools among small businesses and startups. Mainly, Asana is ideal for small businesses and startups with small teams managing multiple mid-weight projects.

Why Use Asana?

  • Easy to set up, with little effort required to onboard the team.

  • Free trial available for up to 15 users.

  • Easy to track deadlines with calendar and timeline views.

  • Enables collaboration and enhances communication within the team with its messaging and mentioning features.

  • Additional fields create flexibility on labelling and filtering tasks.

  • Creating custom dashboards allows users to keep track of progress and remaining work.

  • Portfolio and workload views enable monitoring of high-level progress for all projects and operations within the organisation.

How Do We Help?

Our senior Project & Portfolio Managers can help you:

  • Setting up your Asana and onboarding your team

  • Creating your first projects

  • Configuring and optimising project templates according to your needs

  • Creating your dashboards and portfolio views

Think Asana is the right tool for you? Why not make sure? We will be happy to listen to your needs, benchmark all the tools, and find you the right one.

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Are projects getting complicated in your business? Asana is perfect for helping small businesses and startups manage their projects.

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