Useful Tools – Jira Software


What is Jira Software?

Jira Software is an Atlassian product that helps businesses manage projects and products. Tech startups, IT companies and large enterprises extensively use Jira Software. It supports both Scrum and Kanban methodologies and is the top choice tool for Agile projects. It is also commonly used for monitoring daily tasks and tracking bugs.

Why Use Jira Software?

  • Perfect for software development projects

  • Ideal for Agile Projects

  • Enhances collaboration within a team 

  • Integrates with many Atlassian and third-party products

  • Gives a headstart with preset workflows

  • Supports project roadmap to oversee the whole project

  • Helps to manage workload with story point estimates and burndown charts

  • Easy to filter and export tasks 

  • Fully customisable and powerful dashboards 

  • Provides a free trial for up to 10 users

How We Help

Our senior Software Development and Project Management teams can help you with:

  • Configuring your Jira Software

  • Implementing the best practices to achieve the best outcomes

  • Integrating with GitHub and other applications 

  • Starting your first project

  • Onboarding your team

  • Creating your dashboards

Is Jira Software the right tool for you? Let’s talk to find out!

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Jira Software helps businesses manage projects and products. Ideal for software projects and scrum methodologies. Find out more!

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