Wireframing - A Must-Have in Product Design Journey

Wireframing Definitions Benefits DoganTech

What is Wireframing?

Wireframing is a fundamental stage in the product development lifecycle and is a must-have in the product design journey. So what are wireframes?

Wireframes are diagrams representing a product's skeletal framework: its features, functions, content hierarchy, screen elements, space distribution and possible transitions between screens.

Wireframes highlight fundamental elements and display how the product will work in a simplified manner. 

They are enablers to help understand and improve the User Experience (UX). Wireframes do not include design elements such as fonts, colours or actual images.

Benefits of Wireframing

After a product idea is generated and validated, building a prototype is next in the product development cycle. Wireframing is the process of building the essentials during the prototyping stage. Take a look at the benefits of wireframing. Wireframes:

  1. Present the product's architecture visually, clarifying its features and functions.

  2. Save time on the project by catching problems at the early development stages.

  3. Help make the design process more iterative and responsive.

  4. Support decision-making on technologies & processes being used by drawing a frame around the directions of the site, its hierarchy & responsiveness.  

  5. Help to prioritise content, decide on space restrictions and build a hierarchy.

  6. Are great simulations of users' interaction with the product interface.

  7. Are used to demo a product.

How We Help:

DoganTech's experts can become your solution partners during your product's development lifecycle.

Wireframing will be the first step to start building your great ideas. We can also help you with:

  • UI/UX design

  • Software development

  • Maintaining and improving your product post-launch.

Have a great idea in mind? Let's make it real, book a call with us!

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Wireframing builds the essentials during the prototyping stage of the product development lifecycle. Take a look at wireframing and its benefits!

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