Useful Tools – Miro


What is Miro?

Miro is an online visual collaboration platform that enables working together, brainstorming, wireframing, running interactive workshops and much more with its digital sticky notes and whiteboard outlook.

Why Use Miro?

Collaboration is the starting point for all brilliant ideas. In the days when we worked remotely, such tools were a necessity for us to do our work. Even though many of us are now going back to the office, our digital habits continue to make our work easier.

If you are ready to throw away your post-its, let’s take a look at the benefits of Miro together.


  • Has built-in and easy-to-use tools like Frame, Shape, Mind Maps and Kanban.

  • Has a variety of features and modes, including presentation mode, timer feature and voting feature.

  • Has practical templates to help create charts or diagrams of any kind.

  • Enables video chatting within the tool.

  • Handy for retrospective meetings.

How Do We Help?

  • We help you with setting up your Miro and onboarding your team.

  • We can train your team to use Miro and its features.

  • We guide you choose the right fit collaboration tool for your business.

Is Miro the right tool for you? Let’s talk to find out!

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Collaboration is the key for bright ideas. If you are ready to throw away your post-its, let's take a look at the benefits of Miro!

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